The Power of a Prayer Life

The Power of a Prayer Life


“And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

– Mark 9:29 KJV


    Every person on the planet at one time or another has faced a circumstance that is simply to big for them to handle by oneself. The sheer complexity or dire impossibility of the state of affairs has left many hopeless. The hopeless pit many find themselves smothering in creates a plea for a higher power. A plea for something beyond natural understanding and into a realm of the supernatural. This solicitation of something greater than human possibly has been the pretext to the formation of many cults, rituals, and religious understandings. The sad fact behind this comes into play when one understands the simple origination of supernatural power. People throughout the eons of time have overcomplicated and misinterpreted how to connect to the supernatural force that aids humanity. This power is vested within an omnipotent God. The connection between God and man is formed through personal interaction known as prayer. 


    The first thing one must understand about prayer is that it’s a time of communication.  Prayer in its most raw character, is designed as a time to fellowship with God. Communication is defined as: the imparting or exchanging of information or news. Prayer is suppose to flow both ways, from man to God and from God to man. This format is the true definition of what prayer is suppose to be. The problem that plagues the prayer lives of so many today is prayer has become a one-sided time of begging and pleading for one’s self interests or gains. Which results in nothing more than frustration from both parties. The trap humanity has fallen into is this mindset that prayer is to get blessings and miracles from God. While on the one hand this is true, prayer is our means of petitioning God for supernatural intervention, this is not the only application of prayer. There are two generalized forms of prayer: petitioning and fellowshipping. Humans have become expert petitioners and novices at fellowshipping. God wants a relationship with humanity. Prayer is the means of establishing and growing this relationship. 


    The answer to resolving the predicament of selfish praying is founded upon the revelation of personal relationship over one time granting. Think of it like this, one is given the choice between the following: becoming personal friends with the most powerful man on the planet or spending a lifetime begging and pleading this man for things one desires from him. While, the choice seems to be a obvious one it is the exact scenario people today face in personal prayer lives. God created humans for a personal relationship with Him; when one prays simply from a selfish standing they are denying God that relationship. The answer to growing a stronger prayer life and a more healthy relationship with God is by simply communicating with God in prayer, spend less time asking and more time telling. 


“It does seem an incredible thing that such guilty nothing’s should have the power to move the arm that moves the world.”

– Charles Spurgeon


    There is extreme power in prayer. No doubt many have heard the countless stories of miracles, signs, and wonders passed down through the generations. The unfortunate part about these stories is they leave out the hours of prayer from all parties involved leading up to the “moment.” Take the Azusa Street revival for instance, without a doubt one of the greatest revivals ever on American soil. The revival birthed modern Pentecostalism and a what is estimated today well over 500 million varied Pentecostal believes today. This revival though was no mire coincidence. Those involved such as William Seymore and Frank Bartleman had spent hours in prayer for revival for years before the actual happening of the event, and without a doubt they were not the only ones. In Bartleman’s book he talks about praying all night and most of his days for almost three solid years before revival ignited. This is not to say that in order for anything great to happen one must spend their entire lives in a perpetual time of prayer. Although it does give credence to the fact that a strong life of prayer moves God. Take into account Cornelius who broke every social norm and became the first Gentile to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. How did this happen? His life of prayer and faithfulness to God became a memorial that affected God. There is without a doubt power in a life of prayer. 


    Yet, this does not mean that one has to spend every waking moment in absolute intercession in order for God to do anything in one’s life. While there is a time for that there is also a time for devotion and relationship with God. When reading these great stories one cannot allow a victimized or inferior mindset to plague their mentality that they can never achieve power through prayer. This mindset is flawed from its very essence. The key to achieving miracles, signs, and wonders comes through a few simple steps. First devoting oneself to prayer and seeking after a supernatural anointing from God. Second, by obtaining a relationship with God. One cannot expect God to talk to them or reveal things to them if they do not talk to God or have a relationship with Him in the first place. Third, faith and persistence must be present in one’s life. One must believe in the supernatural power of prayer and be willing strive for obtaining that through God. 



“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

– Philippians 3:14 KJV