The shiny ship barrels through an infinite dark ocean of empty matter. This vessel races through the heavens, thousands of miles from anywhere. Its starting point is nothing more than a fading pinpoint long behind — its destination, at this time, is merely a speck looming ahead. Galloping through space, […]

Destination Loading

Hope in the Dark Eyes wide open, but light remains elusive. A jumbled mix of synaptic communication ensues. Two structures refuse to do their job. Tasked with the simple, yet infinitely complex process of piecing together a spatial representation of one’s surroundings, the eyes hold the keys to the outside […]

Hope in the Dark

An old door creaks open, exposing a long, narrow corridor. Reflections bounce sporadically, presenting a chaotic scene. Distorted realities and convoluted images make the hallway a menacing foe to navigate. Each step seems to become more ambiguous than the last. A single hallway has morphed a multiplicity monozygotic twins. Curved […]