The Pursuit
I think back to elementary school. I can still see the dry erase board in Mrs. Mason’s classroom that was a tinge off-white because it had not been thoroughly cleaned in some time. Those uncomfortable blue plastic chairs. Glossy waxed floors. And the fact that the only educational constant, whether […]

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Called Two weeks ago, I anxiously sat in my room awkwardly staring at my glowing computer screen. My heart raced and a dull lump began to form in my throat. Every few seconds I would chuckle at myself, “Zac, breathe. You’ve got this.” I have been in college for four […]


The shiny ship barrels through an infinite dark ocean of empty matter. This vessel races through the heavens, thousands of miles from anywhere. Its starting point is nothing more than a fading pinpoint long behind — its destination, at this time, is merely a speck looming ahead. Galloping through space, […]

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