Four Perspectives of the Cross


4-perspectives-of-the-crossWhen viewing the vertical and horizontal beams of the cross we can quickly see that the cross forms four windows or quadrants. The following article examines each of these quadrants of the cross in consideration of the Johari window. 


The Johari window is a model designed to aid communication and self-evaluation. There are four quadrants of the Johari window:


        1. The Open Area

       2. The Blind Area

       3. The Hidden Area

       4. The Unknown Area


Each of the four areas are first discussed, focusing on what they mean in your life. After this, the discussion shifts over to the cross to a search to see what we can learn about the cross through the lens of the Johari window.  


It is my hope that this essay benefits you in regards to your personal communication with God and in evaluating your spiritual walk through the power of the cross.



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