peace be still_2
Leather soled oxfords confidently stride across the glassy surface of a marble floor. The rhythmic clap of heels in the party is barely audible, overpowered by a thundering cacophony of hand claps. Every step towards the mahogany doors that rest ahead intensifies the roar generated on the other side. The […]

Peace be Still

A peaceful morning sky explodes with fiery colors of looming hope. The foreboding day beckons peaceful, potential possibilities. Dew gently rests on humbled blades of heavy laden grass. Ambitious shafts of orange rapidly puncture the cool morning air. A father embraces his son before watching the small silhouette fade down […]

Peace in the Pieces

Happy Bidding
 Happy Bidding A loud, rapid bellow reverberates across the regal mahogany veneer in the room. The plush carpet and opulent drapes do little to lessen the harsh echo that the sprawling chamber enables. The collective wealth of those gathered in the room is astonishing. Each individual has come to endure […]

Happy Bidding