Nothing more
Nothing More: A Holistic Look at the Soul  Approaching footsteps echo through the vast, regal halls of the palace. The meticulous stonework and elaborate mosaics that decorate the walls, do little to dampen the ever expanding sound waves. Finally, the company of feet responsible for the clamor emerges into the […]

Nothing More: A Holistic Look at the Soul   Recently updated !

In The Shadow
In the Shadow A young Malian man stealthily peeks over the mountainous terrain and out onto the vast expanse that borders the Malian Gulf. An advancing Median army has swallowed the entire landscape. Quickly the man ducks back behind the jagged rocks; they shield him from Persian onlookers. His feet […]

In the Shadow

An Open Door
An Open Door A hand, aged by sun and time, is raised toward heaven clinching a paleo hammer of sorts. His muscles contract, and by gravities grace this hand enters a collision course with earth. The sharp ring of stone, smacking the uneven face of a final protruding nail, reverberates […]

An Open Door