Underneath A face worn with anxiety, stares back into the eyes of its beholder like a murky ghost. The silent, glassy surface of the water frames the spectacle that is both sublime and haunting. The king stares into the basin of water, beholding a face that paints worry and fear — […]


Word Became Flesh_2
Word Became Flesh A man aged by sun and time stands on a small hilltop. The night is young but is fast growing old. He surveys the familiar landscape one last time. His eyes scan the contrasts of the moonlit night looking for any straggling sheep of his flock. A […]

Word Became Flesh

In The Shadow
In the Shadow A young Malian man stealthily peeks over the mountainous terrain and out onto the vast expanse that borders the Malian Gulf. An advancing Median army has swallowed the entire landscape. Quickly the man ducks back behind the jagged rocks; they shield him from Persian onlookers. His feet […]

In the Shadow