I have spent my life growing up in the home of an international evangelist who has witnessed every miracle that took in the book of Acts and a mother whose prayer life and walk with God is unparalleled. Growing up in this environment provided me with the knowledge to cultivate a first hand relationship and experience with God. It is from this basis that I have the privilege of pursuing an active life of ministry based on biblical truths. Christian ministry is ultimately the endeavor to apply the Word of God to effect the lives of people across the boarders of culture, ethnicity, age, malady, and socioeconomic level. My firm desire to see people saved by God and to see broken lives and hearts mended by His healing hand has lead me to apply my burden for ministry through the conduits of preaching, teaching, and writing.

Simultaneously, I have a firm commitment to education. I believe that God made us as cognitive creatures for a reason, and it is our duty, as Christians, to live a life of active learning. My conviction has lead me to pursue an education in Psychology. I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school where I am considering a Ph.D or Psy.D in Clinical Psychology. I am a firm believer in the Integration view of Christianity and Psychology and desire to effectively integrate my education within the framework of the Christian worldview in hopes of helping hurting people across the world. I desire to reduce the stigma within the Church towards mental illness by bringing about further understanding – from an Apostolic perspective. The Apostolic message is a message that is relevant to all people, even those with suffering with mental health illnesses, and I want to be a vessel that God can use to positively effect the lives of these individuals and their families.


Zachary C. Klinedinst