peace be still_2
Leather soled oxfords confidently stride across the glassy surface of a marble floor. The rhythmic clap of heels in the party is barely audible, overpowered by a thundering cacophony of hand claps. Every step towards the mahogany doors that rest ahead intensifies the roar generated on the other side. The […]

Peace be Still

A rotund beast stands, casting a lazy shadow to the burning ground. Powerful but tame, the brute cautiously sways from side-to-side. When the beast was young, it would fight the worn shackle that bulges from its left leg. It used to tug at the pole. There was a day it […]


Closed Doors Open Doors
Closed Doors, Open Doors I remember summer days growing up in Saint Louis. During the week, my mom would take my brother and me around the city. She liked the zoo. I liked the bird aviary. I can close my eyes today and still see the textured concrete path that snaked […]

Closed Doors, Open Doors