A rotund beast stands, casting a lazy shadow to the burning ground. Powerful but tame, the brute cautiously sways from side-to-side. When the beast was young, it would fight the worn shackle that bulges from its left leg. It used to tug at the pole. There was a day it […]


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Closed Doors, Open Doors I remember summer days growing up in Saint Louis. During the week, my mom would take my brother and me around the city. She liked the zoo. I liked the bird aviary. I can close my eyes today and still see the textured concrete path that snaked […]

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We are not sure when or even how it happens. One set of eyes peers out into the inviting blue sky. Muscles ignite. Wings stretch. Lift is generated. The Arctic Tern begins her climb. She is the first but not the last. Another sees her flight and follows suit. A […]

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