Swing with Me           Earth flashes by in a blur of speed. The steepening angle of gravity defying geometry becomes increasingly sublime. Fettered chains of bent steel whip through the air. The racing velocity of the moment blows strategically placed hair out of sorts. Little hands […]

Swing with Me

Bridging the Divide_2
Bridging the Divide Sound waves sneak through unsealed cracks. A narrow corridor, carved from solid rock, leads the words towards their intended audience. Precise words dance along the imperfections in the rock, creating a methodic echo from a single utterance. In a moment, the sharp command reaches its target with […]

Bridging the Divide   Recently updated !

The Home and the Harvest
The Home and the Harvest The calloused hands of a hard working man firmly grip a rough-hewn beam. Leathered by time, the man’s hands present a single portrait of the battle he has had with the ground for the vast majority of his entire life. He is a farmer, and […]

The Home and the Harvest