An old door creaks open, exposing a long, narrow corridor. Reflections bounce sporadically, presenting a chaotic scene. Distorted realities and convoluted images make the hallway a menacing foe to navigate. Each step seems to become more ambiguous than the last. A single hallway has morphed a multiplicity monozygotic twins. Curved […]


A heavy slab of solid iron is methodically inspected by the blacksmith. This dense beast, clumsy to maneuver and difficult to work with, will soon contain an intrinsic value that far exceeds its weight. The immense chunk undergoes the heat and trial of fire, where it will be molded into […]

Sacram Anchram Solvere

A peaceful morning sky explodes with fiery colors of looming hope. The foreboding day beckons peaceful, potential possibilities. Dew gently rests on humbled blades of heavy laden grass. Ambitious shafts of orange rapidly puncture the cool morning air. A father embraces his son before watching the small silhouette fade down […]

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